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Our Instructors

Samantha #

Samantha is a dedicated musician that began learning to play the piano as a little girl. As an adult, she decided to explore the cello and realized she found her calling. Now, she spends her time sharing her love for music with as many people as she can. Samantha offers piano, cello, and upright bass lessons.

Mackenzie #

Mackenzie has been an avid musician for over 20 years. She began learning to play the piano when she was a young child and fell in love with it. Later on, she added the violin as well. As an adult, she has taken her life-long passion and dedicated herself to teaching and sharing her love for music with others. Mackenzie offers piano, violin, and viola lessons.

Gwyneth #

Gwyneth is a talented and passionate mucisian with more than a decade of experience. She started teaching so that she could share that passion for music with others! Gwyneth offers brass instrument with a specialty in trumpet and French horn. 🎺

Andrea #

Andrea is a talented musician who believes that making a student’s aspirations be within reach should be available to everyone in the music community, and being given the opportunity to teach young musicians is a step towards fulfillment in her love for music. Andrea offers woodwind lessons, with a specialty in flute.